Our staff will provide support, information and
resources to help you better cope with cancer.

Our team can help you:
*Learn new ways to cope with cancer
*Manage emotions such as anxiety or sadness
*Improve communication with

your health  care team
*Talk to your family about cancer
*Find reliable information
*Find useful resources in your community
*Manage financial challenges

Counseling for cancer patients caregivers and loved ones is available over the telephone no matter where you live in the U.S. Call 504-305-7563;

or email us at

Patient Navigation
What Is Patient Navigation?

Patient navigation is a process by which an

individuala patient navigator—guides patients with a

suspicious finding (eg, test shows they may have cancer)

through and around barriers in the complex cancer care

system to help ensure timely diagnosis and treatment.

Barriers to quality care fall into a number of categories:
*Financial and economic
*Language and cultural
*Health care system
*Bias based on culture/race/age
Patient navigation helps ensure that patients

receive culturally competent care that is also:
*Compassionate*Mindful of the patient's safety