Get Checked or Check Out helps improve the lives by building community awareness, advocating for cancer issues, and maximizing service effectiveness by linking families with the resources they need.  Our mission is to focus on the Total Person - Spirit, Mind and Body - through development programs that strengthen our families.  These lead to a sustained, Healthier Community!  We not only want the patient and their families to understand their challenge but that there is help and various resources here to assist, that may sometimes even cure the One thing that we all feared with the proper Treatment Plan.

It was a result of Darryn DeWalt own diagnosis is how our Get Checked or Check Out Foundation (Non-Profit) was developed. In beginning of August of 2008, Darryn noticed a lump in his groin area and called his doctor to get checked. After his appt. both he and his physician were convinced this was nothing more than a "Sports Hernia" this was not in fact a "Sports Hernia" it was Liposarcoma. He endured thirty-seven different versions of Chemo, Radiation etc., for over ten years during which he was able to complete his book "He's Not Done with Me Yet!".  This was his way of sharing his inspiring strategies to help other survivors and caregivers with their journey.  His life was so beautifully lived and to be lovingly remembered and always CELEBRATED!  We lost Darryn DeWalt on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at 1:40am.

​Over the past years, Get Checked or Check Out has made a difference in our own communities with programs that we continue to produce. Our "Football Camp For Her" program alone has allowed us to donate almost $250,000 to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research. This Program teaches women about all aspects about the game of Football. Please visit for more details.

 Simply said it's a "Party with a Purpose" the majority of any diagnosis if detected early enough with the proper treatment plan does not always end with Death.