Over the past years, Get Checked or Check Out continues to make a difference in our own communities with programs that we continue to produce.  Our "Football Camp For Her" program alone has allowed us to donate almost $250,000 to the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Research. This Program teaches women about all aspects about the game of Football. What's unique about this Program is that it is instructed by a few of our favorite players from our home teams. You even get an opportunity to ask about certain plays and have the guys actually explain why they may have chosen to do that play and visually explain it on the large screen on stage!  This program continues to be very successful in markets such as Green Bay, Minnesota, New Orleans along with a few others.  Please visit  http://www.FootballCampfor for more details.

It was a result of Darryn DeWalt own diagnosis is how our Get Checked or Check Out Foundation (Non-Profit) was developed.  In 2004, Darryn got up to almost 500lbs. even at this weight he was not on any medication as of yet, but chose to have Gastric Bypass surgery with the intent to prevent things from getting any worse. Within 3 years he had lost close to 200 pounds, he was now able to return back to his days of getting back on the Basketball  Courts along with the Football Fields.  He felt by doing this he would be proactive in avoiding Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc. all which ran in his family. In beginning of August of 2008, Darryn noticed a lump in his groin area and called his doctor to get checked. After his appt. both he and his physician were convinced this was nothing more than a "Sports Hernia".  On August 5, 2008 life changed for both Mr. and Mrs. DeWalt, this was not in fact a "Sports Hernia" it was Liposarcoma.  This is a very rare, aggressive tumor that lives in the fatty tissue and likes to go after organs.  Once his diagnosis was "Confirmed" they reached out to a few Medical Centers to get follow up information on suggestions for a Treatment Plans.

August 12, 2008, Darryn underwent a horrendous case to attempt to remove the Tumor that took 14 hours. The fact the he made it out of this procedure alive was a miracle in itself.  After the surgeons completed the case they advised Cherine (wife) that at the "best" case scenario we may have 3 months with him left.  
Darryn DeWalt not only amazed us during his fight, but he managed to make a difference in lives with everyone he met for every one of his last living days.  All doing this during thirty seven different versions of Chemo, Radiation etc., for over ten years.  Even during his journey he was able to complete his book "He's Not Done with Me Yet!".  This was important to him because he wanted to share his inspiring  strategies to help other survivors and caregivers with their journey.  His life was so beautifully lived and to be lovingly remembered and always CELEBRATED!  We lost Darryn DeWalt on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 1:40am.

He wanted to make sure the journey he was "assigned" he did something with it and help others really understand that once we get our diagnosis it does not always mean the End. Education means Everything. This right here showed Cherine along with anyone else who knew Darryn DeWalt his True Purpose. Just like anything in life to make any informed decision you need to really comprehend your diagnosis and potential treatment plan options before just taking any prescription or agree to a surgery you may not be ready for.