To reach men, women and their families where they Play, Work, Live, and Pray with our Community Outreach Health Programs that maintain health prevention updates, tools, screening programs, educational materials, advocacy opportunities, and patient navigation. Our goal is to ensure Community Care and Education for a Healthier Community!


Understanding is Empowerment when it comes to affect and side effects of every Diagnosis

Support is the key to CHANGE!

     The Get Checked or Check Out Foundation, created by Darryn A Dewalt (1963-2018), addresses Health Disparities to strengthen communities across the entire country. To increase public and professional awareness about prevention, detection, education and treatments for a healthier life for the entire family. This non profit produces large events to support our initiatives such as Patient Navigation, Education, along with a few other programs. Simply said it's a "Party with a Purpose". The majority of any diagnosis if detected early enough with the proper treatment plan does not always end with Death. We recognize that any diagnosis when it comes to our health not only affects the patient but the entire family.  

    In partnerships with public and private organizations along with a few of our community leaders, Get Checked or Get Checked Out helps improve the lives by building community awareness, advocating for cancer issues, and maximizing service effectiveness by linking families with the resources they need.  Our mission is to focus on the Total Person - Spirit, Mind and Body - through development programs that strengthen our families.  These lead to a sustained, Healthier Community!  We not only want the patient and their families to understand their challenge but that there is help and various resources here to assist, that may sometimes even cure the One thing that we all feared with the proper Treatment Plan.

   Unfortunately, when we or our loved ones get our confirmed diagnosis we do not just live with it for the month but we live with it for a Lifetime. We always feel that we have more time, but sometimes we Do Not.  As our founder, Darryn Dewalt, used to say, "Being Right Does Not Save You But Doing Right MAY". Please let us know how we can help your Hero in your life.